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more time, fewer mistakes, better public safety & access to justice

question_answer Reduce FTA rates with automated reminders

● Proven to improve appearance rates in a variety of other applications and implementations
● Verify if a phone is active at a low per-check cost
● Help clients and other case parties to appear in court, attend to meetings, and be on time
● Reminders to bring the right documents, materials, and identification to court appearances
● Modern and mobile ready UI
Affordable pricing


dashboard Dashboards help achieve goals and understand how justice works

● help train new attorneys and reduce attrition

● track essential information and statistics for your practice

● integrates with most case management systems

● uncover new insights into what really affects case outcomes

Affordable pricing


next_week Case Management

receipt Chart

Graph and chart your data while machine learning and statistics help your organization learn more about its work and easily bring new attorneys up to speed.

gavel See

Your cases as beautiful data for the first time. Casetab uses traditional and machine learning to optimize your existing organizational processes. Users can better understand their cases at a glance and leverage their data to do the thinking for them.

settings_input_composite Integrate

Integrate with all major office productivity tools including Google Calendar, Outlook, Microsoft Word, and others. If needed we can even build on top of your existing case management system.

receipt Track

Stay compliant. Logging and compliance keeps you on top of the who, what, where, and when of your records.

gavel Solo or Team

Built for organizations, Casetab also allows individuals to run the suite and get the full benefits out of our software. Contact us to learn more.

settings_input_composite Automate

Automate your intake with data extraction, labelling and classification. Or, where available, plug into government APIs. Even if your court or jurisdiction does not offer electronic documents we can help you set up a paperless workflow to get your documents into Casetab. One browser tab should be enough to see all your records on a case.